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Hola.. Thank YOU for clicking by and welcome to my blog – FIT for FATwhich was born from my mission of debunking diet myths, fads and empowering people to make the right choices to lead optimal lives.  It purely aims at ‘making this world a healthier place to live in’.

My name is Vandana. A nutritionist by day and a blogger by night. I am a dreamer (another way of saying I love my peaceful sleep 🙂 ).

Absolutely passionate about staying healthy and I’m here to share my health secrets via articles, organic recipes & nutritional tips, to help YOU lead a better, FITter life. I hope you love my no-nonsense, keep-it-simple approach to nutrition, health and life.

So wait ‘weight’ no further.. just follow me here and do feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, questions, if any.