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“Avoid eating rice” is the most common and the simplest of advice, you would have got if you are trying to lose weight. 

Well I’m here to break that myth about our most staple Indian food and tell you straight facts on why ‘Rice is Nice’

Have you noticed the Chinese (…btw I’m referring to the people and not their products). There is a ‘slim’ chance that you’ll find an overweight Chinese person. The average Chinese is thin, if not skinny. And guess what? Chinese eat rice every day, with every meal (…even for breakfast). 

Not only in China, however rice is eaten all over the world. It is an ancestral cereal cultivated for 10,000 years… However of late, we Indians are getting sceptical about rice. 

We give up rice or replace it with the brown variety or even wheat. The result… we are getting FATter

Beware!! Replacing rice with Wheat reduces your intake of amino acids (building blocks of protein) and Vitamin B1. 

 Dal chawal is a nutritious meal , having the entire spectrum of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

The essential amino acid methionine predominantly found in rice helps mobilise fat from the liver.

White rice has more iron, thiamin, and folate than brown rice, and no fat.

One of the primary reasons for the commonality of dal rice, beyond good taste and being filling, is the low-cost of both foods.

That’s not all – rice bran oil, rice bran powder and rice water applied topically can really change the texture and clarity of your skin, smoothing it and brightening dark spots. In addition, adding whole rice bran to your diet can offer a rich source of Vitamin E and linoleic acids which benefit your skin and the rest of you

So let’s not make fads out of rice. 

My simple advice to you will be: DON’T avoid eating rice, DO avoid overeating it 😉


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