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Does your body sit idle at your work place while your brain works hard on the job the entire day?

We spend almost 40% of our day at work, (Ohh… will avoid an appraisal discussion of how it is more than 40% 🙂 ) and surely the demands of work tend to affect our eating habits and activity patterns.

This is a big FAT problem of our times, that is hugely affecting the bottom line of the health system and getting us far from being FIT.

We have access to a variety of healthy choices. Yet we pick biscuits and chips to much on at our desks, pastries and donuts at meetings and go for unhealthy refreshments in the vending machines.

Levels of obesity vary with the kind of work. The worst kinds of jobs for the waistline are in the sedentary office where you work on a computer.  Our FATness is greatly contributing to the increasing costs of living as well. Moreover, being overweight has become a lifestyle choice for the majority of people as the pain of being overweight is being outweighed by the contentment of eating.

We do know what to do, don’t we ?

But due to our ignorance in our eating habits and lifestyle, we constantly gain weight. It is no rocket science… Energy in should always be greater than energy out.

Hence, if you wish to lose weight, you must eat a little less and walk a little more.

Now, if you want to begin a momentum at your workplace and trim your waistlines, here are some strategies you must follow in your work day

  1. Initiate a group fitness workout like yoga, swimming before/after work or during breaks (… and during work hours too, if you have a cool boss)

  2. Wear a pedometer or invest in a smart watch to track your footsteps and calculate how much you walk in the entire day. Some fitness bands not only track your steps, but remind you if you’ve been inactive for a certain period of time.

You can recommend your employer to provide all staff with pedometers 😉

  1. Set challenges with your friends at work to lose weight within a period of time.

  2. Start taking stairs instead of the lift during tea breaks and lunch time (… of course not if your office is on the 12th floor, then again few floors should still help)

  3. Let go of the chair in meetings. Simply standing up more burns more calories versus sitting (safer to let others know of your standing plan, else might have others wondering on whats the hurry!! Also, not advised during a video conference)

  4. Make use of some great calorie counting apps… read my article to know about a few

  5. Recommend to your HR department to start fitness classes at workplace (get a brownie point in your appraisal for taking the initiative)

  6. If you wish to do a work related communication to your co-worker, walk up to their desks instead of sending an email.

  7. Suggest your employer to introduce regular health check-up camps at work

  8. Go to the washroom that is at the longest distance from your desk (needless to say…not to be adhered to for a very urgent break)

  9. Replace unhealthy snacks and vending machine beverages with fresh fruits.

  10. Don’t sit while talking on the phone, get up and roam around when you’re on a phone call (keep your voice decibel at the lowest)

  11. Exercise while at your desk – Try this thigh-toning exercise under your desk. Stay seated with your feet on floor and back straight. Extend your right leg until its level with your hip, slowly lower. Repeat 10-15 times. Switch legs. You’ll feel the burn in your quadriceps.

  12. Park your car at a little distance from the office building or leave the bus a few blocks earlier (…ensure to park it in a legit zone, else it could be a long walk home)

Look for these little opportunities to move around in the office during the course of the day and watch what you eat, it will make you little lighter. More importantly, avoid the stress at work (…if you succeed in doing it, tell me how.!!)

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